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Rotisserie-Like Chicken

I am a big fan of pulled rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. From time to time, I've wanted to make the same thing myself. If you have an Instant Pot, this works pretty well. You could likely use a regular pressure-cooker.


Experiment with the seasonings. For example, try 1-1/2 tsp Lowery's Seasoned Salt in place of the salt.

Spray the bottom of the Instant Pot's inner pot with cooking spray and add chicken broth to a depth of about an inch. Add the seasonings and and butter. Yse the sauté function to warm the liquid enough to melt the butter. Stir around until uniform. Add the chicken breasts and more broth, if needed, until the breasts are nearly covered.

Set the Instant Pot for manual, high pressure, and 12 minutes. When the cooking time has ended, let the pot cook naturally, i.e. without venting steam. That will take 30-40 minutes. Remove the inner pot, cover with a clean towel, and let it cool to room temperature. Remove chicken breasts from broth and package and freeze them individually, or freeze in single-serving portions of about 3 oz. I'm thinkin' about buying a vacuum sealer for that.

Note: I've tried using things like fresh celery to add flavor to the broth. You get gray-green camo-chicken. Same problem with things like celery seed and black pepper. You will have to decide which of taste or appearance is more important to you.

For the penny-wise: Rotisserie chicken is by far the better deal financially. Packaged chicken breasts are nearly 50% water; you will lose half the weight in cooking.

Last updated: 2021-07-24 14:21
Orignially posted: 2021-04-18