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Green Chili Stew

This recipe is courtesy of Chandos Brown, some 23 years ago.

Chandos wrote ... This is my version of a New Mexican classic. There are many, many ways to make green chili stew, but this is adapted for simplicity and to use easily available ingredients. I will admit at the start that the dish ought best be made with fresh roasted and peeled chilies from Hatch, New Mexico; but it's a cruel world and not all of us can get them.


To prepare:

Heat a skillet and add oil to cover bottom. When oil smokes, add red chilies and stir until slightly blackened. Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside. The oil is now spiced.

Brown beef in spicy oil and set aside. Do all of this at high heat and in small batches so that there is a minimum amount of moisture lost from the beef.

Add more oil to skillet if it is necessary. Bring to a high heat and add the onions.

Add tomatillos and whole garlic cloves and continue to saute until everything is soft.

Transfer vegetables to a pot. Deglaze skillet with water and add liquid to pot.

Add can of green chilies to pot, including the liquor in which they are packed.

Add beef.

Add water to more than cover. Mixture should be fairly liquid.

Add red chilies.

Cover and cook at low simmer for a few hours. An hour before dinner add the chopped potatoes.

Remove red chilies before serving with hot flour tortillas (or corn bread). (NB from Bob Brown: Serve with Bruce Webster's jalapeño cornbread.)

Provide lots of beer.

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