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The Wine Cellar at Emory CottagePhoto of the Vinotemp wine cabinet at Emory Cottage

I wanted an underground cellar, like a French cave that would store 100 cases of wine or more. Can't afford that! I got a Vinotemp wine cabinet that will store up to 52 bottles at about 55° Fahrenheit, plus storage in the pantry for over a hundred more bottles without temperature control. Oh, well... we still have wine, and we still enjoy it. (You might find the occasional mixed drink at Emory Cottage, too!)

If you have a moment, check out the Emory Cottage Wine List. (No, I'm not pretentious enough to have a printed wine list, but I do have some favorites, and a "wine list" seemed to be a good way to present them.

Last updated: 2013-03-04 4:17
Orignially posted: 2012-02-26